About NWHCMUD#19

History & Location: The District was created by the Texas Water Commission (The “TWC”), predecessor to the TCEQ on October 3, 1979. The District contains 1,066.25 acres of land, of which approximately 645.81 acres have been developed as the residential subdivisions of Coventry, Sections 1-3, Augusta Pines, Sections 2-12, Shadow Creek Estates at Augusta Pines, Shadow Creek Estates at Lago Woods, Shadow Creek Estates, Section 1, Legends of Augusta Pines, Augusta Creek, Sections 1-3, Shadow Creek South, Sections 1-3, and Retreat at Augusta Pines containing an aggregate of 1,458 fully developed single-family residential lots.  In addition, approximately 38 acres located within the District have been developed for commercial purposes.  Klein Independent School District owns approximately 51 acres within the District.

The District is located entirely within Harris County, Texas, and is located approximately 24 miles north- northwest of the central business district of the City of Houston. The District is located north of FM 2920, west of Gosling Road, east of Kuykendahl Road and west of Interstate Highway 45. The District is bordered on the west by Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 1, on the east by Oakmont Public Utility District, and on the southeast by Northampton Municipal Utility District.

Authority: The rights, powers, privileges, authority and functions of the District are established by Article XVI, Section 59 of the Constitution of the State of Texas and the general laws of the State of Texas pertaining to municipal utility districts, particularly Chapters 49 and 54 of the Texas Water Code.

The District’s potable water is supplied by (1) Water Well and Water Plant #1, consisting of 1,000 gallons/minute (gpm) well and pump, a 210,000 gallon ground storage tank, two 500 gpm booster pumps, 10,000 gallon and 5,000 gallon hydro pneumatic tanks, a chlorinator and control building, and an access road and fencing; and (2) Water Well and Water Plant #2, consisting of a 1,000 gpm well and pump, a 210,000 gallon ground storage tank, 2,250 gpm of booster pump capacity, and a 15,000 gallon hydro pneumatic tank. The District has constructed water interconnection lines connecting the District’s water distribution system with the water distribution system of HCMUD #1.

Wastewater from the District is currently being treated at the 250,000 gallons per day (“gpd”) permanent Wastewater Treatment Plant #1 and 460,000 gpd interim Wastewater Treatment Plant #2.

Wastewater treatment and water supply facilities are subject to stringent and complex environmental laws and regulations. Facilities must comply with environmental laws at the federal, state, and local levels.