Constables Providing Security in MUD19

Effective November 2017, NWHCMUD19 contracted with the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s office to provide law enforcement services to our district.  They will provide regular patrol duties, calls for service and traffic enforcement.  The Contract Deputy Program works under the philosophy of community oriented policing where the same deputy or group of deputies work the area and become familiar with the residents who live there, their patterns, and are more capable of being aware of situations that are out of the ordinary so deputies can respond accordingly. This type of service provides a higher visibility in our district, which helps in deterring and reducing crimes in the area.  Aside from regular patrol duties and traffic enforcement, the Contract Deputy Program provides vacation and special watches for residents or business owners who may be out of town or have a particular problem that needs to be addressed.  For more information about the Vacation Watch Program and other services, visit

Dial 281-376-3472 or 911 at any time to access the constable’s office.




The Board has just been notified there will be no garbage or recycling pickup this week due to mechanical problems and waiting on landfill to reopen.  Our next service will be on Monday, September 4th.  Please secure your trash that has already been placed at the curb to prevent it from spilling into the street.  Thanks.

Wastewater Treatment Plant at Capacity

The Board received a phone call shortly after noontime today, 8/27/17, from Hays Utility notifying us of the following situation ongoing in our district.  Both MUD19 waste water treatment plants are at capacity and the lift stations are full due to the extreme levels of water currently in the surrounding creeks and waterways.  With more rain in the forecast, this condition could worsen.

What does this mean for homeowners?  You may experience slow toilet flushing, or in extreme cases, possible waste back up.

What action should homeowners take?  If you begin to experience problems, please call Hays Utility at 281-353-9809.   While there is plenty of water for use, the more water put into the sewer system at this time, puts additional strain on the system capacity to process the wastewater.  Where possible, please help us reduce the amount of wastewater generated over the next 2-3 days by taking shorter showers, less toilet flushes, etc.

The MUD19 Board will keep you posted of any changes as Hays communicates with us.  Please check our web site for updates as they occur (  Also, help us get this information out to other neighbors of MUD19.  Rest assured, Hays Utility is doing all they can to keep the situation from escalating.

IMPORTANT TO MUD19:  According to Hays Utility, your DRINKING WATER IS NOT AFFECTED and is safe to use.

Park Update

NWHCMUD19 PARK UPDATE:  Though you may not be able to see any progress on our future district park at this time, there is much going on behind the scenes in regard to paperwork, planning, permits, etc.  While design was of utmost importance at the beginning, and why we began in late 2016 with input from our residents, it also takes 8-12 months, or longer, to ensure we are in compliance with all TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) mandates before on site work can even begin.  This means completing many applications required for the approval process and bond application process.   Our engineering firm, legal team, and park architects have all of these mechanisms in motion and are working hard to fulfill and deliver an outstanding amenity to our community.  It continues to be the intent of this MUD Board to communicate the progress of the park as it is being built.  Once an actual date is set and ground breaking commences on this project, we will be able to give regular updates, with pictures, via our web site (  In the meantime, thank you for your patience and interest.

Residential Recycling and Refuse of Texas, Inc. has a new mailing address and customer phone number.  PO Box 1969  –  Tomball TX 77377  –  346-248-5222 (Telephone service available to all residents serviced, Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., exception being stated Holidays.)

See the Helpful Info Link tab for more detailed information about this service.


RWA Fee Increase

Effective April 1, 2017 the RWA fee will increase to:

Groundwater – $2.90/1,000 gallons and
Surface Water – $3.35/1,000 gallons

The NHCRWA Fee on your water bill is a pass-through fee imposed by the North Harris County Regional Water Authority on all water pumped from wells within its jurisdiction. The MUD19 District does not set this fee and has no control over it. The fee was first imposed January 1, 2003 and initially set at .25/1000 gallons of water. It has been increased periodically since that time.  Information about the NHCRWA, which sets this fee, can be found at