Constables Providing Security in MUD19

Effective November 2017, NWHCMUD19 contracted with the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s office to provide law enforcement services to our district.  They will provide regular patrol duties, calls for service and traffic enforcement.  The Contract Deputy Program works under the philosophy of community oriented policing where the same deputy or group of deputies work the area and become familiar with the residents who live there, their patterns, and are more capable of being aware of situations that are out of the ordinary so deputies can respond accordingly. This type of service provides a higher visibility in our district, which helps in deterring and reducing crimes in the area.  Aside from regular patrol duties and traffic enforcement, the Contract Deputy Program provides vacation and special watches for residents or business owners who may be out of town or have a particular problem that needs to be addressed.  For more information about the Vacation Watch Program and other services, visit

Dial 281-376-3472 or 911 at any time to access the constable’s office.



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