Helpful Info

Constable’s Office:  Dial 281-376-3472 or 911 at any time.

The District does not have a general manager or any other full-time employee, but contracts for specific services.  The following information is provided to assist and answer questions you may have as a homeowner:

Utility System Operator: Hays Utility Service Corporation

  • Day to day operations are contracted out to Hays Utility.
  • For new service, broken lines, leaks, emergencies, please contact Hays as listed below:
  • If you have a water-related emergency, call 1-281-353-9809
  • For your water service billing needs, call 1-281-353-9756
  • Pay your bill online:

Tax Assessor/Collector: Kenneth Byrd of Equi-Tax, Inc. (

Bookkeeper: Myrtle Cruz, Inc.

Engineer: R. G. Miller Engineers, Inc. for overall planning activities and the design of the system.

Counsel: The District has engaged Young & Brooks, Houston, TX, as general counsel to the District and as bond counsel in connection with the issuance of District bonds.

Financial Advisor: Rathmann & Associates, L.P.

Auditor: Mark L. Roth, Certified Public Accountant audits the District’s financial statements annually.

Trash Pick Up & Recycling Services:  Trash pick-up is provided twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays.  Recycling pick-up is every Friday.  There is no additional charge to MUD 19 residents for these combined services, these charges are paid via the operating budget of the District.

Residential Recycling and Refuse of Texas, Inc.-  PO Box 1969 – Tomball, TX 77377 Phone: 346-248-5222 (Telephone service available to all residents serviced, Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., exception being stated Holidays.)

Recycling services are on Fridays.  You may call Residential Recycling to request a recycle bin if you are new to the community.

The following information is provided to answer any questions you may have about the trash pick up services effective April 1, 2017:

Holidays / Route Time

  • Contractor observes the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.
  • If an observed holiday falls on a regularly scheduled service day, there will be no service that day. Service will resume on the next scheduled collection day following the holiday.
  • Contractor shall perform collection services designated herein between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. except when Contractor reasonably determines that an exception is necessary in order to complete collection on an existing collection route due to unusual circumstances or emergency.

Refuse (Trash)

  • Refuse is household garbage and is defined as waste generated inside the home.
  • Service provided twice weekly on Monday and Thursday.
  • Residents will provide their own trash containers
  • Pickup location is Curbside

Yard Waste

  • Service provided twice weekly on Monday and Thursday.
  • Yard waste includes leaves, grass clippings and vegetative matter.
  • Yard waste must be placed in sturdy plastic bags. Each bag must not weigh more than 40 pounds.
  • All branches and tree trimmings are restricted to maximum diameter of three inches per branch, must not exceed four feet in length and must be securely tied in bundles not weighing more than forty (40) pounds per bundle

Bulk Items

  • Service provided once a week on Thursday
  • Bulk items defined as: small pieces of furniture, washers, dryers, water heaters, stoves and white goods (appliances) which are properly tagged with “Freon Removed”
  • One (1) bulk item per household per week is allowed

Bulk Items – Exceptions

  • Items containing CFC refrigerant (Freon), refrigerators and freezers will not be collected.
  • Bulk Items which are too large for Contractor to remove on designated bulk item collection day, may be collected separately upon request. Party requesting service will be billed separately at a negotiated price depending on size, quantity, and handling required to remove and dispose of such items.
  • Furniture five (5) feet and longer, furniture containing internal metal parts, hide away beds, metal bed frames, garage door openers, large pieces of carpet and large carpet rolls, acid, automotive batteries, auto parts, concrete, dirt, gravel, sand, motor oil, tires, chemicals, construction and remodeling debris, interior or exterior paint, petroleum products, or substances containing petroleum products.

Other Exclusions

  • Contractor will not collect or dispose of any hazardous, toxic or radioactive wastes or substances as currently, or in the future, defined as such by applicable Federal, State or Local laws or regulation.
  • Contractor will not collect or dispose of any improperly contained human or animal waste.
  • Contractor will not collect or dispose of any dead animal remains regardless of how it is contained.
  • Contractor will not collect or dispose of any type medical waste. Medical waste is considered a hazardous waste item and cannot be disposed of in a landfill.
  • Debris as the result of construction, hurricane or storm-related trash.  Contractor may, at its option, provide this service at a negotiated price and will bill the party requesting the service

Missed Collection

  • Missed collection due to failure of resident to place container out in time for pick up will result in service date for missed items being the next scheduled pick up day.
  • Missed collection due to Contractor error, container will be serviced within twenty four (24) hours.
  • Missed collection due to acts of God, weather, flooding, or events beyond Contractor’s control will be collected on the next scheduled service day, or as soon as possible when conditions are safe to resume service.