Rates & Taxes

Deposit:  The deposit required by the District for new service is $100 for an owner with proof of ownership and $500.00 for a renter.  (Note:  Balance is refunded minus the last bill, if necessary, once you move or close your account.)

Connection Fee: $10

Water Rate:

0-10 K $10.00 flat

10-20 K $2.00/1000

20-30 K $3.00/1000

30-40 K $4.00/1000

Thereafter $5.00/1000

Sewer Rate:

0-12K $25.00

Thereafter $.50/1000

Tax Rate $0.78 ($0.15 for maintenance & operations and $0.63 for debt services)

Exemptions: $100,000 for age 65, and $.12 for homestead.

NHCRWA Fee: The NHCRWA Fee on your water bill is a pass-through fee imposed by the North Harris County Regional Water Authority on all water pumped from wells within its jurisdiction. The MUD19 District does not set this fee and has no control over it. The fee was first imposed January 1, 2003 and initially set at .25/1000 gallons of water. It has been increased periodically since with a fee increase on April 1, 2018 to $3.40/1,000 gallons for ground water and $3.85/1000 gallons for surface water.  Information about the NHCRWA, which sets this fee, can be found at www.NHCRWA.com

Current Water Quality Report: MUD #19 2017 CCR

MUD #19 2016 CCR