Wastewater Treatment Plant at Capacity

The Board received a phone call shortly after noontime today, 8/27/17, from Hays Utility notifying us of the following situation ongoing in our district.  Both MUD19 waste water treatment plants are at capacity and the lift stations are full due to the extreme levels of water currently in the surrounding creeks and waterways.  With more rain in the forecast, this condition could worsen.

What does this mean for homeowners?  You may experience slow toilet flushing, or in extreme cases, possible waste back up.

What action should homeowners take?  If you begin to experience problems, please call Hays Utility at 281-353-9809.   While there is plenty of water for use, the more water put into the sewer system at this time, puts additional strain on the system capacity to process the wastewater.  Where possible, please help us reduce the amount of wastewater generated over the next 2-3 days by taking shorter showers, less toilet flushes, etc.

The MUD19 Board will keep you posted of any changes as Hays communicates with us.  Please check our web site for updates as they occur (www.nwhcmud19.org).  Also, help us get this information out to other neighbors of MUD19.  Rest assured, Hays Utility is doing all they can to keep the situation from escalating.

IMPORTANT TO MUD19:  According to Hays Utility, your DRINKING WATER IS NOT AFFECTED and is safe to use.

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