Trash / Recycling

Contractor: Residential Recycling and Refuse of Texas (RRRTx)

1327 West Main Street, Suite 1, Tomball, Texas 77375
Phone: (866) 516-9805
Fax: (281) 357-0775

Residential Garbage Guidelines

Residential Garbage Guidelines (PDF)

Residential collection days Monday and Thursday. Trash must be placed at the curb, or near the garage door (visible from the street), by 7:00 a.m. No trash shall be placed at curb for collection except on the designated trash days. Up to six (6) cans/bags of properly contained household waste, each weighing less than 40 pounds will be accepted for weekly pickup.

RRRTx will collect heavy trash including furniture, mattresses, appliances, yard waste, bulky items, and tree trimmings each Friday with your regular garbage. Bagged yard waste will be picked up. Tree trimmings must be less than 3” in diameter, cut into 4-foot lengths and tied neatly in bundles not to exceed 40 pounds. There is a limit of one bulk item per household per day. Yard waste, and bulk items must be placed curbside for collection. No refrigerant items will be collected.

Bulk items which are too large for RRRTx to put in with the normal weekly pickup may be collected separately upon request. The Party requesting service will be billed separately at a negotiated price depending on size, quantity and handling required to remove and dispose of item(s).

Residential recycling day is Friday. By 7:00 a.m. the containers should be placed at curbside.

General Information About Recycling Program

  • Please leave lids off all plastic and glass – lids can go into recycling container
  • Please rinse all containers free of residue
  • Please breakdown any medium to large cardboard boxes
  • Please remember we do not take any type of Styrofoam products (packing peanuts, cups, plates, egg cartons, etc)
  • No need to separate items – everything can go into the same bin
  • Excess items can be put in a regular trash can that has been marked as “recycling”
  • Recycling emblem stickers are available upon request to be used on “recycle” trash cans into “recycling containers” – just give us a call or send an e-mail
  • On windy days please place items in a white or clear trash bag and set it in the recycling bin (this prevents items from blowing out and across yards)

Items Accepted for Pickup

  • Paper – magazines, newspapers, copy paper, computer paper, phone books, junk mail, etc.
  • Plastic #1 – #7 – juice, water, milk, soda, detergent, cleaners, Rx bottles (if in doubt please check bottom of container for recycling emblem and number in center – if no emblem it is not recyclable)
  • Aluminum – any type soda, beer, drink can, etc.
  • Tin Cans – any food can, pet food can, etc. (no aerosol containers please)
  • Cardboard – boxes, cereal, food, detergent, pet food, etc
  • Glass – any color glass (amber, green, brown, clear, etc) must be pure glass cannot be ceramic, mirror, pottery, stoneware or china type items
  • Thin Plastics – bags from grocery, sleeve on newspaper, wrapping on dry cleaning

Items Not Accepted for Pickup

  • Computer parts
  • Batteries
  • Medical Waste
  • Biohazard
  • Appliances
  • Hazardous Materials (Oil, Motor Oil, Anti-Freeze, etc.)

Household Hazardous Waste

It is illegal to transport any hazardous waste in a trash truck and dispose of it in a landfill. RRRTx will NOT collect medical waste, toxic or radioactive waste, any appliance containing Freon, acids, car batteries, dead animals, and chemicals of any kind, car parts, car tires, and construction trash (includes concrete, large quantities of carpeting, fencing, rolls of carpet or any construction type material or debris). Other excluded items include: Large pieces of glass (must be broken down in smaller pieces and placed in a closed box and labeled), large sofas and sleepers over five (5) feet in length, furniture with metal frames and other metal items, and improperly contained animal waste (animal waste must be placed in a sealed bag to be serviced).

Excluded Liquid Waste – Toxic or radioactive waste, Freon, paint, acids, petroleum products or filters are not accepted, cooking oil, or chemicals of any kind.

Any CFC (Freon) item must be properly tagged by a certified technician that all Freon has been properly removed in accordance with the Federal Clean Air Act regulations. If items are not tagged, they will be left at curb.

Please call Harris County Household Hazardous Waste Collection at (281) 560-6200 for questions pertaining to household hazardous waste.

Harris County Household Hazardous Waste Collection
6900 Hahl Road, Houston, Texas 77040

Holiday / Route Time

  • RRRTx observes the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.
  • If an observed holiday falls on a regularly scheduled service day, there will be no service that day. Service will resume on the next scheduled collection day following the holiday.
  • RRRTx shall perform collection services designated herein between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. except when reasonably determined that an exception is necessary in order to complete collection on an existing collection route due to unusual circumstances or emergency.

Missed Collection

  • Missed collection due to failure of resident to place container out in time for pick up will result in service date for missed items being the next scheduled pick up day.
  • Missed collection due to RRRTx error, container will be serviced within twenty four (24) hours.
  • Missed collection due to acts of God, weather, flooding, or events beyond RRRTx’s control will be collected on the next scheduled service day, or as soon as possible when conditions are safe to resume service.

In 2020, the garbage service fee was raised to $11.94 per household per month. The recycle service fee was raised to $4.11 per household per month. Currently these fees are being absorbed into and paid by the NWHC MUD19 operating budget and are not added to your monthly bill.