Water Service

Water Consultant – Operator: H2O Innovation

P.O. Box 1209, Spring, Texas 77383
Phone: (281) 353-9809

Bill Payment Options

H2O Innovation has six methods to choose from to pay your water bill. Some options carry additional fees that are not added by either the MUD District nor by H2O Innovation but are added by Third Party processors. Contact H2O Innovation for details.

    1. Online Bill-Payment
    2. By check using U.S. Postal Service Mail
    3. Drop your payment at the H2O Innovation Office
    4. Drop your payment in the H2O Innovation 24 hour Drop Box
    5. Payment by phone – H2O Innovation Customer Care 281-353-9756
    6. Monthly Auto-Pay from your checking account or your credit card

To resolve any dispute or answer any questions regarding billing or connection issues that you may have, please do NOT contact the NWHCMUD No. 19 Board. Instead, please contact our Utility System Operator, H2O Innovation, at the following numbers:

For billing information, account balance, and service transfers call: (281) 353-9756.

For an emergency water leak or for any of the following service requests, call (281) 353-9809:

  • Emergency repairs
  • Water quality
  • Meter leaks
  • Sewer stoppages
  • Sewer manhole repairs
  • Water tap installation
  • Sewer tap installation
  • Mainline leak or break repairs
  • Sink hole investigation and repairs
  • Meter box and lid repairs
Sample Water Bill

Water Fees Approved by NWHC MUD19 Board

The MUD Board reviews and sets water usage fees and tax rates for residential and commercial users annually.  The current residential water fee structure has been in effect since 2011 and has not been increased. When initially requesting water service, a $100.00 deposit is required to be paid to H2O Innovation by home owners, with proof of ownership and $500.00 deposit for a renters.  NOTE: Balance is refunded, minus the last water bill, once you move or close your account.  There is also a one-time connection fee of $10.00.

There are three different charges listed on your monthly water bill.

  1. Water
  2. Sewer
  3. RWA pass through pumping fees

Water Use Rates

Water charges are based on a combination of a monthly flat fee plus a tiered amount based upon the actual amount of water used.

On your residential water bill you will also find how many days in the current billing cycle and the monthly meter read for both previous month and the current month.

Residential Water Rates (effective for 2020)

  • 0 – 10,000 gallons | $10.00 flat rate
  • 10,000 – 20,000 gallons | $ 2.00 / 1000 gallons
  • 20,000 – 30,000 gallons |  $ 3.00 / 1000 gallons
  • 30,000 – 40,000 gallons | $ 4.00 / 1000 gallons
  • Over 40,000 gallons | $ 5.00 / 1000 gallons

MUD 19 has different rates for commercial users.

Sewer Fees

This is also a flat fee and a tiered rate collected to offset the fixed costs of running the wastewater system, for collecting and transporting sewage, the treatment and safe disposal of the effluent and the maintenance, repair and replacement of the sewage system.

Sewage Rates

  • 0 – 12,000 gallons | $25.00 flat rate
  • Over 12,000 gallons | $0.50 / 1000 gallons

The water and sewer fees that appear on your bill reflect our cost to treat and deliver water throughout the district, for running daily operations, processing of wastewater and costs for maintaining the existing infrastructure and repaying loans and bonds used to build that infrastructure; as well as the work the District has to do to be in compliance with State and Federal government regulations.

The RWA Fee – What It Is and What It Is to Be Used For

The North Harris County Regional Water Authority (RWA) was created by the Texas 76th Legislature and their primary assignment is to develop and implement a strategy for complying with the Harris-Galveston Subsidence District’s Regulatory Plan that requires a reduction in the use of groundwater (wells) to no more than 20% of the total water demand by the year 2030.

Since the RWA is not a “taxing authority” (and cannot tax you directly), funding for the future water supply and the infrastructure (pipes and pumps) required through which to deliver the surface water is being accomplished by the sale of revenue bonds. This large project is being funded and paid for by imposing groundwater pumping fees on all water users throughout the region including residents of MUD19. This is not a project managed by MUD19. Even though there is no schedule for converting part of the MUD 19 ground water system to a combination of ground and surface water, we, as water users in Harris County, are required to pay the RWA charges.


  • Groundwater
    • 2016 – $2.40 / 1000 GALLONS
    • 2017 – $2.90 / 1000 GALLONS
    • 2018 – $3.85 / 1000 GALLONS
    • 2019 – $3.85 / 1000 GALLONS
    • 2020 – $4.25 / 1000 GALLONS (EFFECTIVE APRIL 1, 2020)
How to Read Water Bill

Sample Water Meter

Notice About Confidentiality of Customer Information

H.B. 872 has recently been enacted by the State of Texas. This new law keeps your water bill information, including shut off information completely confidential from public disclosure. If you would like to allow disclosure of your personal information, please complete the authorization form and return it to the District.

Authorization to Disclose Customer Information (PDF)